🇮🇪 🍀 Cruise Cork City | Exploring Cork City from your Cruise Ship | The Stress-Free Guide.

cruise ship cork city guide | Rebel City Walking Tour of Cork

Departing your ship during your Cruise, Cork City? Wish to get out and explore everything Cork has to offer?

Cork is a wonderful walking city. It’d be a shame to see it from the back of a bus. However, the question remains; how do you have a stress-free visit to Cork City from your cruise ship and get back on-time?

Whether you wish to take the TripAdvisor 5-star rated Rebel City Tour of Cork or not. You can use this guide to experience everything this city has to offer.

Staying connected on your phone for your Cruise in Cork City

First, you’ll need a data plan in Ireland in order to access these online directions, hail a cab in an emergency, communicate over WhatsApp etc. The best solution is to spend $5 on an eSIM data plan that is easy to use and great value for money.

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Fool-proof step-by-step directions to the city center on your phone

NB: Google Map directions can get a little erratic – especially around water. So as you approach the River Lee, expect some jumpiness in terms of location tracking. Cross the river, head into the City.

OK. So you have a data plan for Cork, Ireland. Next simply follow these simple directions when you depart your cruise ship in the port village of Cobh (pronounced Cove).

  1. The train station in Cobh is a 3 min walk away from the Port. Walk to the train station.

    Directions from Cruise Port Terminal to Train Station
  2. Take the train station straight into Cork main station (Kent Station). The train usually departs every 30 mins or so but on weekends this can be less regular. The journey usually lasts 28 mins. Follow this link on your phone when you arrive in Cork and you’re departing your ship.

    Google Map directions to Cork City center

    Double check the train timetable using the official train company’s online timetable beforehand just to be sure…

    Rail Company’s Timetable (up to date)
  3. Once you arrive in Cork station, follow the step-by-step directions (above) via Google Maps to the center of Cork City (and the Rebel City Tour starting point). This leg of the journey by foot takes around 18 mins (however leave at least an extra 20 mins just in case).

    The Rebel walking tour of Cork takes around 80 mins and ends near the starting point. You can find a description of the tour here.

    Rebel City Walking Tour of Cork
  4. Explore Cork city using our Rebel’s Guide to Cork after or before the tour.

    Local’s Guide to Cork City
  5. Simply press this link to take you back to Cobh station and your cruise ship.

    Directions from Cork City back to Cobh Cruise Terminal

That’s it guys! Stress free directions to and from your Cruise Cork city so you can explore Cork and get the absolute most from your time in this wonderful city.

Back up plan for your Cruise, Cork city?

When it comes to something as important as making your cruise ship. You’ll need a backup plan just in case something goes wrong, right?

Don’t worry, we have you covered. If you are running short on time, you wish to spend more time at a particular attraction or something else happens. Use this cab hailing app to hail an app in Cork city or beyond.

Install Ireland’s most popular Cab Hailing App

The cab journey should take less than 30mins depending on traffic. You can pay using the app online.


We hope you enjoy your time in Cork city – Ireland’s Rebel City. We’d also love to see you on our fun and exciting Rebel City Walking Tour of Cork.

If you follow these directions, you’ll be able to find your way no problem. Save this page in your browser or just get in touch and we’ll WhatsApp and/or SMS you the details in this guide so you’ll definitely have them on your phone.

We’re always looking to make things easier for our guests, so please let us know in the comments whether this guide helped you in Cork?

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