Group activities in Cork: the complete guide

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Planning your group activities in Cork…

Congratulations! You and your group have chosen to visit the wonderful ‘Rebel City‘ of Cork. Prepare to have a great time in this charming city by the river Lee.

This is a guide to how to get the most out of your Cork adventure. I’ll cover how topics such as how to keep track of your group, how to arrange accommodation, where to visit and tons more essentials.

Track your group:

We know the story; you arrive in the city and instantly everyone has their own agenda. Some wish to visit the pubs, others – the restaurants, the rest wish to see the sights. Cue endless phonecalls and missed rendezvous. With everyone just deciding to just give up and ‘meet back at the hotel’ instead.

WhatsApp to the rescue; this popular messaging mobile phone app not only allows you to open group chats where everyone can communicate instantly. WhatsApp also has a little-known Live Location feature where you can track each other’s location on a map in real-time.


For groups, the best accommodation is, without a doubt, Summer Accommodation. This consists of student shared living facilities in the city centre. Often including kitchens, living areas and front-door staff.

Not only is Summer Accommodation conveniently located and well-equipped. This accommodation is surprisingly affordable as its short-term only. If your group are coming to Cork during the Summer months, Summer Accommodation or Summer Beds are a great choice.

if you aren’t travelling in June / July / August you can find a list of hotels, b&b’s and hostels in our Rebel Guide.


Cork contains a whole host of excellent drinking establishments which are happy to host well-behaved groups of guests. For info on bars, events and deals check out our Rebel Guide to Cork.

General Tips:

  • if you are a large group of males, try entering the establishment in twos or threes. Or the doorstaff may get nervous and refuse your large group entry.
  • find information on doing Cork on a budget here
  • yes. Cork has a Weatherspoon’s bar; cheap beer, foreign chain-pub. We also have regular local bars aplenty.
  • for UK travellers, your phone plan should be fine in Ireland so can use your phone.
  • try to get insurance in case things go wrong.
  • book everything beforehand; especially during the Summer high-season.


Cork is an extremely safe city with very little crime. If you do get in trouble, call 999. Remember to stay together and never leave an intoxicated female ( or male ) friend alone by themselves at night. It also gets cold in the winter – wrap up.

Taking a tour of the city is a great way to familiarise yourself with your environment, learn about the history of the city and gain insider knowledge.


You and your group will love Cork city. Its a wonderful city to visit and it’s an outstanding walking city. Make sure to adequately plan for every eventuality (insurance helps). If you have any questions about your trip don’t hesitate to contact me.

Dara Burke is a local storyteller and True. Cork. Rebel. When he’s not helping guests experience the real ‘Rebel City’ on his Rebel City Tour of Cork, featuring local food, local drink, and exciting Rebel tales, he’s creating guides of things to do in Cork. Join him on his exciting Cork walking tour to immerse yourself in real Cork culture and make the most of your time in the city.

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