8 Things To Do in Cork for Couples

Looking for things to do in Cork for couples?

Look no further; we have the inside scoop. So, you’ve met the partner of your dreams. They’re definitely the “one”.

But how do you sweep them off their feet and impress them with your creativity and romantic nature? With our help of course. Below are our tips for impressing your one-and-only…

1.Axe Throwing on French Church Street

Unleash your inner-Viking in the city centre with this great axe-throwing experience for couples. Great for your Social Media and for impressing your partner with your…err…upper-body strength and athletic prowess.

Now all you have to do, is raid her village and carry her back to your longboat in Cork harbour. Arrrh…repeat after me: “I’m a manly-man”.

2. Enjoy Whale-Watching off the Coast

Score major points with this one guys! Watch these spectacular creatures in their native habitat. And, sad to say, but the way the planet is being destroyed. These spectacular mammals may not be around indefinitely.

Weather and season dependent. Search Google for “whale-watching cork”.

OK. You’ve kinda knocked it out-of-the-park with this one. Let’s sweep her / him off their feet completely by presenting them with a donation certificate in their name to a clean the Ocean charitable project.

3. Experience a Picnic on Bell’s Field

Experience a relaxed and delicious culinary feast with your beau in the beautiful Bell’s Field. This field, overlooking Cork city, is the perfect spot for some romantic hand-holding etc.

Make sure to clean up after yourself on this one. Your partner won’t be impressed if you leave empty wrappers on this gorgeous green area, spoiling the experience for the next visitor. Also, put a little effort into the meal, they won’t be blown over by 6 chicken nuggets and going halves on a vanilla milkshake.

4. Visit the Site of Cork’s Most Tragic Love Story

This one is a good one, guys. Cork’s most tragic love story from the Rebel City Walking Tour of Cork. The true story of Michael Fitzgerald and his love Miss Condon. Michael was a Rebel fighter during the Irish struggle for freedom from the British Empire.

I won’t spoil the ending, suffice it to say, it didn’t end well. Michael died for his country so we could enjoy all the freedoms we have today. He goes down in history, not only as one of Cork’s greatest heroes. But also one of the city’s great romantics. Check our Rebel City Stories video and recite this tragic tale for your love outside St. Peter & Paul’s Church.

5. Ashtanga Yoga Class with Your Date

We know that, as a manly-man, you’d prefer to be in the gym pumping iron. Lol. However there’s a lot to be said for mind-body conditioning and strenghting your core. Or so we’ve heard.

Seriously though, this yoga school near Paul Street is popular among both sexes. If you don’t mind squeezing into a pair of yoga pants and assuming the downward dog position. We’d highly recommend this class.

6. Kayaking Adventure on Lough Hyne

A unique, and little known about, natural wonder on our doorstep near Cork city. Take that you jackeens up in Dublin. Lol.

Lough Hyne (pron. ‘lock’) is an area of outstanding natural beauty and, at night, the lake lights up with a type of algae that produces its own kind of natural bioluminesence. Light up your love life with this outstanding adventure.

7. Visit a Petting Zoo

A perfect experience for the Spring (lambing season) guys and all year round. Demonstrate your caring and sensitive side by visiting a petting zoo near Cork city.

This is a wonderful treat for your partner, especially if they come from a foreign country and / or urban metropolis. If they grew up on a farm on the otherhand, move on to the next experience.

8. Dinner and Overnight Stay in a Local Hotel

OK moneybags, you want to skip the formalities and get right down to business. If you have amorous intent; a great way to impress your partner is with a meal in one of Cork’s many luxury hotels.

Afterwards, if things are going well, who wouldn’t be delighted at the prospect of an overnight stay with the man of their dreams? Lol. Seriously though, if you guys are at this stage of your relationship; why not?


These are 8 tops for the perfect date with your significant other in Cork. As for general tips. Find our what your date likes beforehand. Tip your waiters and barstaff. And make sure to clean up. An t-adh leat. (Good luck).

Let us know in the comments what you think?

Dara Burke is a local storyteller and True. Cork. Rebel. When he’s not helping guests experience the real ‘Rebel City’ on his Rebel City Tour of Cork, featuring local food, local drink, and exciting Rebel tales, he’s creating guides of things to do in Cork. Join him on his exciting Cork walking tour to immerse yourself in real Cork culture and make the most of your time in the city.

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