The Rebel City Tour of Cork: Exploring the Spirited Past of the 'Rebel City'.

Savory Delights, Historical Insights and Local Brews

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Cork City, where every corner resonates with the echoes of rebellion and resistance.

Join us on the Rebel City Tour and immerse yourself in the essence of Cork's vibrant culture, tantalizing flavours and gripping history.

Experience Cork as you've never seen it before - a city alive with flavour, passion and a rebellious spirit that refuses to be tamed.

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Tour Details

Duration: 120 mins | Distance: 1.1 km | Cost: €34.99 per person

Tour Itinerary

Get ready to experience adveture on the Rebel City Tour...

(Tour itinerary can vary)

Indulge in Local Flavours: Treat your tastebuds to an array of mouthwatering local delicacies, from savory bites to sweet treats, as we traverse through Cork's culinary history.

Master the Art of the Pour: Step into the shoes of a true Corkonian as you learn the art of pouring your own perfect pint of Guinness, right in the heart of Rebel territory.

Meet a Local Cork Legend: Hear the insiring tale of one of Cork's most colourful characters.

Unravel Rebel Tales: Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Cork's history and hear tales of Ireland's struggle for freedom, from daring rebellions to heroic acts of defiance.

What's Included?

🍀 Receive your own set of high-quality Irish language flashcards.

🗞️ Receive a copy of the local Cork paper for free.

🍺 Pull your own pint of Guinness in a local bar; pint of Guinness and certificate included.

🍲 Sample traditional Cork delicacies.

🍺 Join your guide for a pint of the famous local brew in Cork City's oldest pub after the tour. (Drink not included)

🎁 Receive a free souvenir at the end of the tour to remind you always of your experience.

🌧️ Free rain poncho if it rains on the tour.

🌐 Ask about our free WIFI on the tour.

👩 Take our fun online quiz after the tour.

Experience the real 'Rebel City' on the adventure of a lifetime with the Rebel Tour of Cork. Book your place today...

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Led by a Local Cork Rebel Guide

Led by Dara, a knowledgeable and passionate local storyteller, you‘ll embark on a journey through the city‘s historic neighborhoods, quaint alleyways, and lively streets.

You‘ll learn about the rich history and cultural heritage of Cork, as well as the city‘s vibrant present-day culture. Our stories from the War of Independence a little over 100-years ago explain the character of modern-day Corkonians through the events which shaped the city into what it is today.

Rated 5-stars on TripAdvisor

Our walking tour is suitable for over 18's and all fitness levels. It‘s the perfect way to immerse yourself in the local culture and get a true taste of the city‘s unique personality.

Whether you‘re a first-time visitor to Cork or a lifelong resident, our walking tour is a must-do experience that you won‘t soon forget.

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