Pubs & Clubs in Cork City

Looking for the absolute best bars and clubs in Cork City? Our local’s guide to Cork has you covered.

Enjoy our local’s list of the the best pubs and clubs in the city of Cork. Turn your night into an adventure.

Barbarossa Bar

Stop for a few drinks in this local Cork bar.Great bar in the heart of Cork city; stop in and order a pint of Murphy’s. Then sit outside and watch the world go by. Barbarossa offers a range of cocktails, beers and spirits.

Right next door is The Brog (brogue) Bar which also offers food.

Barbarossa Bar, Cork City centre

O’Sho Bar

Don’t miss out on the O’Sho Bar experience! Join us at our exquisite location in Cork City and let us transport you to a world of culinary delights.

Order food from the nearby, famous restaurant Myzaki and eat your food in O’Sho Bar after ordering a drink.

osho | Rebel City Walking Tour of Cork

Electric Bar

Electric Cork edited | Rebel City Walking Tour of Cork

Live music, great food and a convivial atmosphere. Dine and drink by the River Lee in this modern, stylish bar in Cork City.

Stop by for a pint or three, the wonderful staff and lively customers will make you feel right at home.

Le Chateaux

Cork’s most central bar, situated on Patrick’s Street; Cork’s commercial center. This bar is a treat for anyone who loves people-watching in the city.

Serving a range of drinks, the friendly staff will make you feel at home.

inside bar and tables | Rebel City Walking Tour of Cork

Sin É

sine | Rebel City Walking Tour of Cork

Traditional Irish Music 7-days a week! The home of traditional Irish music in Cork city. Trad. music performances are usually every day of the week in this city center bar.

Stop by for a pint of a stout and a magical, cultural experience all in one go.

The Pav Bar & Nightclub

Party the night away at this wonderful old nightclub! Definitely one of the best nightclubs in Cork city. This old converted movie theater is now a trendy nightspot in the city center. Often featuring live music.

The friendly crowd and party atmosphere will have you on the dance floor in minutes.

pavillion 1024x576 1 | Rebel City Walking Tour of Cork

Have you visited any of these establishments in Cork City? Which ones did you enjoy the most? Leave a comment.

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