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The Wallace Sisters – Cork City Spymasters! (VIDEO)

A Woman’s Place is in the Revolution! Discover the fascinating story of the Wallace Sisters, the renowned spymasters of Cork. Delve into their secretive world as they navigate through the shadows, gathering intelligence and protecting the city. Uncover the remarkable achievements and noteworthy exploits of these sisters, as they leave their indelible mark on Cork’s … Read more
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A Cork teenage hero who took on an empire. Mary Bowles.

This article is a brief intro into the life of Cork City hero, Mary Bowles. If you’d love to know more about Rebel history in Cork. Check out the Rebel City Walking Tour. The name’s Bowles, Mary Bowles… In the first in our series of Cork City Rebels, we bring you Mary Bowles. A true … Read more
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Summer Accommodation – Cork’s Best Kept Secret!

Book Your Summer Beds! What is Summer Accommodation? For Dublin Summer Accommodation click here. If you’re visiting Cork City, staying in Summer Bed accommodation in Cork is a decision you won’t regret. Summer beds are student accommodation, often self-catered and located right in the heart of the city. Summer Beds provide an unbeatable combination of … Read more
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Explore the Cork Harbour Greenway Cycle Route

Explore the majesty of Cork harbour and experience the Atlantic Ocean breeze in your hair on our free self-guided cycle tour of the spectacular Cork harbour Greenway. Looking to take an exciting adventure in Cork city? Check out the Rebel City Walking Tour! Share: TERMS AND CONDITIONS You are taking this Cork harbour tour at … Read more
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Cruise Cork City | Exploring Cork City from your Cruise Ship | The Stress-Free Guide.

Booking Your Vacation! Departing your ship during your Cruise, Cork City? Wish to get out and explore everything Cork has to offer? Make sure to check out the Rebel City Walking Tour of Cork and our very own Guide to Cork. Cork is a wonderful walking city. It’d be a shame to see it from … Read more
Learn Irish Language Phrases

Take the Rebel Gaelic Challenge! Learn Irish Phrases.

Do you have what it takes to pass the Rebel Gaelic Challenge? Enjoy a set of Irish flashcards to learn Irish phrases – on us. Learn these Irish phrases; we will quiz you at the start of the 5 star rated Rebel City Tour. If you can answer our Irish phrase questions. You’ll win a … Read more
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SIM Card in Ireland | Stay connected on your phone | The Ultimate guide.

Need a new SIM card in Ireland? Whether your visit to the Emerald Isle is a dream vacation or a routine business trip. You may need a new SIM card in Ireland to stay connected at a reasonable cost. If you plan to journey down South to Cork City. Make sure to check out the … Read more
Getting from A to B in Ireland. Tips for the traveller.

Travelling Tips for Ireland – transport, tourism and government websites.

Book Your Trip! We’re often asked for the same travelling tips for Ireland at the Rebel City Walking Tour of Cork. What’s the transport system like in Ireland? How do I get around? What’s the best mode of transport to get from A to B? Well, we’ve decided to compile a list of all the … Read more
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Thinking of renting a car in Ireland? Here’s everything you need to know.

Book Your Car! Your guide to renting a car in Ireland… You’re planning your dream trip to Ireland. You’re considering renting a car to take you off the beaten path. Below are 10 tips and tricks you’ll need to know before hiring a car. Check out our guide to Things to do in Cork city … Read more
Cork city on a budget

Cork city on a budget – 10 tips for the independent traveller!

Best Price Reservations! Top tips for budget travel in Cork City So you’re planning a trip of a lifetime to the city of Cork? Make sure to check out our guide of Things to do in Cork. Our walking tour is 5 star rated. Also, check out our Summer Beds list for value for money, … Read more