The Wallace Sisters – Cork City Spymasters! (VIDEO)


ask your local councillor about how best to remember the Wallace Sisters in Cork! Cork female heroes during the Irish struggle for freedom. hear their story. Dara, #irishrebel #cork #rebelcitytour

♬ original sound – Dara

A Woman’s Place is in the Revolution!

Discover the fascinating story of the Wallace Sisters, the renowned spymasters of Cork. Delve into their secretive world as they navigate through the shadows, gathering intelligence and protecting the city.

Uncover the remarkable achievements and noteworthy exploits of these sisters, as they leave their indelible mark on Cork’s history. Join us on this captivating journey through the covert operations of these formidable spies.

Dara Burke is a local storyteller and True. Cork. Rebel. When he’s not helping guests experience the real ‘Rebel City’ on his Rebel City Tour of Cork, featuring local food, local drink, and exciting Rebel tales, he’s creating guides of things to do in Cork. Join him on his exciting Cork walking tour to immerse yourself in real Cork culture and make the most of your time in the city.

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