The Barrack Street Ambush (VIDEO)


FULL STORY: the Barrack Street Ambush. General Strickland ambushed on Barrack St. in #corkcity #cork #ireland #discoverireland @IrishCentral @theirishpost @Cork Beo @Viv ☘️ Irish girl in NYC

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The Rebels Ambush General Strickland in Cork City!

The Barrack Street Ambush was a significant event that took place in Cork City during the rebellion. The rebels successfully ambushed General Strickland and his forces, resulting in a major setback for the authorities.

The rebels strategically planned the ambush and executed it with precision, catching General Strickland and his troops off guard. The surprise attack led to a fierce battle between the rebels and the authorities. The success of the ambush boosted the morale of the rebel forces and inspired further resistance against the oppressive regime.

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