Assassination of Colonel “Shoot-on-Sight” Smyth (VIDEO)


assassination of the police commissioner in Cork city #discoverireland #irishrebel #cork

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Rebels Assassinate the Police Commissioner in Cork City!

A Cork Battalion of the IRA led by a young man known as Sean Culhane target and assassinate the British Police Commissioner – Colonel Smyth, on South Mall in Cork city during the Irish War of Independence. In a well-planned and targeted assassination, the Police Commissioner is killed by a group of 12 – 15 assassins.

Known as Colonel ‘Shoot-on-Sight’ Smyth since his first order to his Police Officers was to ‘shoot on sight’ any Irishman not immediately complying with orders. This assassination was another round in the tit-for-tat violence that puncuated the city air during the War of Independence 1919 – 1921.

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