Press Release: Join us for a Rebel City tour of Cork!

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Your cordial invitation to take the tour…

The Rebel City Walking Tour of Cork cordially invites you to join us for a private tour of Cork city at a time that suits you…

What is the Rebel City Tour?

Our vision at Rebel City Tour is to get our guests excited about Cork city history and keep alive the memory of patriots and heroes, from both sides of the conflict, who lost their lives during the birth of the Irish nation.

Our mission; the Rebel City Tour has one mission and one mission only, to help guests take a walk in the footsteps of history in the city. You are guaranteed to never see the city in the same light again!

During the Rebel City Tour of Cork, you’ll learn about Cork City’s fascinating wartime history and the stories of Cork city’s heroes during the national struggle for independence.

Highlights include…

  • Cork’s most tragic love story. What happened and why?
  • The assassination of Cork city’s Lord Mayor in front of his family. Who was responsible?
  • The Burning of Cork. A night that will go down in infamy in Cork’s history. Who burned the city?

You’ll learn about these stories and many more on this entertaining and inspiring tour of Cork.

Is the tour popular?

With all 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor, the Rebel City Tour has been enjoyed by hundreds of people from both Cork city and elsewhere. Featured on Cork city Culture Night and on 96FM, the Rebel Tour of Cork is the hottest ticket in town at the moment. Don’t miss out!

The feedback for the tour has been so positive, that we expanded the brand and developed a new website for our sister business (plural). For people tired of doing the same old thing on nights out in the city.

Who runs Rebel City Tours?

The tour is run by Dara Burke, a Cork entrepreneur, web nerd and Cork city history and culture enthusiast. Dara lived for 7 years in South Korea and backpacked the world for many more.

His adventures in foreign lands gave him the idea of providing travellers and locals in Cork city with memorable experiences of their own to treasure.

He now works as a tour guide, taking guests on adventures around the city. When he’s not guiding tours, you can find him in his local gym or enjoying Cork’s nightlife.

For whom is this free private tour available?

This is a private tour for journalists, editors, the press and their families.

When is the tour?

The tour takes place at a time that suits you. With weekend availability.

How do I sign up?

To participate in the outstanding Rebel City Tour of Cork. Simply contact us.

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