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Cork Harbour Greenway Cycle

Cork City & Cork County experiences

We’ve got the greatest Cork city and Cork county experiences and adventures. For the best Things to do in Cork, check out our online guide. Our 5 star rated Cork walking tour is also a must-see experience. These experiences are unique to Cork and are all must-see adventures when you come to the city… Rent … Read more
Cobh Cathedral- Rebel City Tour

Hidden Gem Experiences in Cork

Looking for hidden gem experiences in Cork? This guide contains our top picks of attractions worth visiting in Cork City. Are we missing anywhere? Let us know in the comments below… Make sure to check out our online guide of things to do in Cork. Also, our highly rated Cork Walking Tour is a must-see … Read more
Charles Fort, Kinsale

Best Hotels in Cork City

Best Value Reservations! Looking for places to stay in Cork city? Look no further! We have a list of the best Cork City hotels all in the City center or close to the City center. Also check out our guide of Things to do in Cork City and our 5 star rated Walking Tour of … Read more
Traditional Irish Pub

Pubs & Clubs in Cork City

Looking for the absolute best bars and clubs in Cork City? Our local’s guide to Cork has you covered. Enjoy our local’s list of the the best pubs and clubs in the city of Cork. Turn your night into an adventure. Barbarossa Bar Stop for a few drinks in this local Cork bar.Great bar in … Read more
Summer Bed Accommodation Cork City | Rebel City Tour

Summer Accommodation – Galway’s Best Kept Secret!

What is Galway Summer Accommodation? If you’re visiting Galway City, staying in Summer Bed accommodation in Galway is a decision you won’t regret. Summer beds are student accommodation, often self-catered and located right in the heart of the city. Summer Beds provide an unbeatable combination of value for money, location and comfort. You’ll find yourself … Read more
Couple exploring Cork city | Rebel City Tour

Discover the Best Hotels in Cork City with Parking: Your Ultimate Guide

Best Hotels in Cork with Parking Cork City, known as Ireland’s “Rebel City,” is a vibrant hub of culture, history, and stunning landscapes. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, finding the right accommodation with convenient parking can enhance your stay. In this guide, we explore the best hotels in Cork City with parking facilities, … Read more
Irish Language Flashcards - Rebel City Tour

Old Irish Wisdom (Seanfhocail) | Gaelic Phrases

Old Irish wisdom. Saying in Irish which we can all learn from… If you’re interested in learning a few words of Irish. Check out our Irish language flashcards for adults which are free to download and print. Finally, check out our 5 star rated walking tour of Cork city and our online guide to Cork. … Read more
Rebel City Tour of Cork

6 Things to do in Cork City (incl. VIDEOS)

You’ll never be stuck for things to do in Cork city. Let’s find out why. Cork, also known as the “Rebel City” is a charming destination located in the southern part of Ireland. It boasts a rich history, diverse culture, and stunning natural beauty. There are numerous things to do and see in Cork, making … Read more
the origin story of rebel cork 1 | Rebel City Walking Tour of Cork

Why is Cork called the ‘Rebel City’?

Cork City, located in the south of Ireland, is often referred to as the “rebel city.” The nickname is rooted in the city’s long and storied history of rebellion and resistance against British rule. We talk about Cork’s ‘Rebel City’ status in length on the Rebel City Walking Tour of Cork. This article merely serves … Read more
24 hours in cork rebel | Rebel City Walking Tour of Cork

24 hours in Cork City | Cork City Itinerary

Best Value Reservations! Cork City itinerary, the best things to do in Cork over 24 hours. Your day. Planned. Our local’s guide to Cork has you covered. Morning: Breakfast at the Farmgate Indulge in a delightful culinary journey at the Farmgate Cafe nestled within the iconic English Market in Cork. Savour locally sourced ingredients transformed … Read more