The Irish Slavery Question: an Irishman’s view…

The Irish Slave Question

I thought I’d add the point of view of an Irish man to this historical debate. This 8 min video is filmed mostly on Spike island near Cork city, Ireland.

This was the staging area used by Cromwell, for the Irish before they were transported to the Carribbean to work on the plantations. I try to paint a picture of what conditions were like in Ireland, why these Irish were sent, and add some facts of my own which I feel could be helpful to academics and historians debating this question.

Finally, I finish up with a quote by ex-slave and orator, Fredrick Douglass, during his visit to Cork city in 1845.

Thumbnail courtesy of: Bridget O’Donnell

Correction: Cromwell’s quote “massacre, banish and destroy”, the song featured is “the fields of athenry” not “Danny boy”.

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