Cork city’s earliest rising residents – the English market grey herons.

Introducing Cork City’s Laziest Fishermen (and Women)…

An introduction to the hidden, early morning, Cork city centre. And its earliest-rising residents.

A fixture every Mon-Sat outside the English Market in Cork city. A must-see for visitors and residents of the city alike.

Anyone who knows me, knows I go for a run – usually really early in the morning. My route around Cork City takes me through the Grand Parade. The main street in the centre of Cork City.

That’s where I often spot the grey herons and their early morning ‘fishing expedition’. As you can see in the video, the herons are a fixture Mon-Sat outside the English Market.

Print The Legend.

I never usually see them on a Sunday though. And according to Paul of K. O’Connell’s fishmonger in the English market. They don’t show up on bank holidays either. Whether that’s fact or local lore.

I haven’t been able to determine yet. But I thought I’d include it anyway. Maybe someone out there can confirm the bank holiday ‘legend’ for us? Not that I don’t believe Paul or anything. But a good writer should double-check his facts nonetheless IMO.

See You There.

Anyway, as I also stated in the video. If you have the time and can spare a few euros. I’d recommend stopping by K. O’Connell’s fishmongers in the English Market and picking up some fish the day before.

Then set the alarm clock for around 5 AM and feed Cork city’s boldest aviary residents and see for yourself.

Before You Go.

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